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I have been involved in design and development for over 10 years. I have a number of music web sites and a lot more on the way. We are growing fast and offering some serious dedicated promotions at teaser rates. We deliver the good's fast and consistency for months!

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The Musicgroups Network is a group of music sites dedicated to showcasing bands and musicians. our top site has pages for bands, musicians and DJ's and we can do very focus promotions across twitter facebook and many other networks. This is just getting started every project helps moves the network forward!! Each step forward the better it goes for your promotion! This is just first round we are rolling out hundreds of sites!

Includes facebook and twitter promotions and EPK page on Check out samples on front page. Bands Musicians Clubs all have dedicated pages. We are adding lots of music topics this year! These spots are permanent and can be used as a bands home page. Memberships and new features being added later in the year.